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Blake by the college garage.

 Blake is one of the first attacked in the "Always Watching You" movie. He wears a hairstyle from Sims 2 Nightlife and usually is seen wearing shorts. He is 21 years old in the first "Always Watching You."

Before College LifeEdit

Blake grew up in a pretty normal house. He is skinny and quite a geek, liking video games and TV. Overall, he is the best out of all the college students at 3 Sororites Crt. with techy stuff. According to his opinions, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and SSX are his favorite games.

Attack and Assumed "Death"Edit

On May 13, around 10:15, Blake was watching TV when the killer who attacked Anna attempted to shoot him with his ray gun. Blake was quick enough to dodge the beam and threw a wine glass at the killer, delaying him. He made it to the kitchen, and threw a knife he found at the man. It bounced off him, and the killer picked the knife off of the ground. Blake dodged one of his swings, and ran outside, where he tripped and got shot. Anna, Audrey, and Joseph surrounded him, and called the police. The police assumed he had died, but according to the next sequel, Blake will reappear, most likely due to the technoligy in 2048.