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Courtney, with her first look.


Courtney is one of the main characters in "Always Watching You". She has blue-black hair, blue fake (contacts) eyes and is considered to be a fashionista, generous, and almost even a gothic person.

Life Before CollegeEdit

Unusual as with most siblings, Courtney grew up well with her sister Anna. The family was quite wealthy, and they both were smart, knowing how to drive right when they turned 18.


When many were killed during a bloody night, Courtney and Lillian attempted to escape. As during most of the attacks, they saw the killer, and ran away. They made it to the boys' sorority house and ran upstairs into their bedroom. Courtney, as smart and quick-thinking as she was, jammed the bathroom door into the bedroom door, "locking" it. However, the killer managed to fix the jam and got into the room. Since Courtney was near the window, he shoved her out. During the movie, the watcher can see Courtney's first person view of the fall, and see her dead after it.


  • She is one of the last people to die in Always Watching You No. 1
  • Courtney was orginally going to be killed by being stabbed in the chest, but the idea was scrapped.