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Joseph, playing darts.

Joseph is the most reoccuring male character in the first Always Watching You. Occording to the movie, he is a blond, tall (6'1), in the Mathematics major, and 20 years old.

Early Life and AudreyEdit

Not much is known about Joseph's early life. All that was known was he participated in many sports, like Football and Basketball. He and Audrey (20 years old) go to the same Mathematics class. Seeing her more and more almost everyday made Joseph fall in love with her. Soon enough, they both were involved with romance together and began dating.


Joseph placed 4 out of those killed during the movie (Isabella, Madison, Officer Rogers). He was stuck downstairs for unknown reasons. By the time he got up the stairs, a pottery table was placed to block access to the 2nd floor. Stuck on the stairs, the killer shot him in the chest. He almost instantly died. Later after him being shot, more gunshots are heard, confirming his death.